Kathleen Doherty

Kathleen Doherty (1894 – ?), also known as ‘Katch’, was educated abroad attending schools in England and Germany; she was said to have developed a ‘talent for drawing’.[1] During the First World War (1914 – 1918), Kathleen was a ‘motordriver’ and drove an ambulance in France towards the end of the war.[2]

After the war, she became a masseuse or physiotherapist in London and Jersey.[3] Kathleen lived with her business partner, Miss Joan Parkinson, from 1934 – 1940; she left Jersey on 21 July 1940 following German Occupation and returned briefly to Perth in 1941.[4] Kathleen spent the rest of the war possibly in Working, Surrey. In 1944 she filed an application to return to Jersey but it is not clear if she returned to the country.[5] In 1956 Kathleen returned to Perth, following the news that her sister, Bylly, had a stroke. Research is still ongoing as to whether Kathleen stayed in Perth or returned to the United Kingdom or the Channel Islands.

There is no record of Kathleen marrying or having children. When she filed the application to return to Jersey (1944) she was 50 and listed as ‘single’; she was known by some as the ‘spinster of Jersey’.[6] Kathleen’s death is not recorded in the Western Australian Archives, which perhaps indicates that she did not die in that country.

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